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My name is Jerushan Sritharan and I am 23 years old. I am a social entrepreneur, researcher, social innovator and a community worker. I mainly focus on innovations that incorporate electronic components and mechanical elements.

Trainer Electronic & Mechanics.

My ultimate goal is to broaden my electromechanical expertise and to provide a platform that promotes understanding of electronics and mechanics, as well as their value to disadvantaged communities.

  • Birthday : 26 Nover 1998
  • Website : J G Electronics
  • Phone : +94762022624
  • City : Batticaloa, Srilanka
  • Age : 23
  • Email :

I am currently working full time in Dreamspace Academy as Electro-mechanical guardian. Dreamspace Academy is a place where technical innovation is utilised to address social issues and needs.


Electro-mechanics innovation requires a high level of precision. I am still navigating my way through this particular field, however along the way I have acquired valuable skills and have the opportunity to practice them while working at Dreamspace academy.

C/C++ 90%
CAD Designing 95%
PCB Designing75%
Electromechanical Prototyping85%



Worked as an offset printing operator

2017 - Jun to Dec

After completing my advanced level exam, I joined the Aathavan Press and worked industrial printing machine operator.

  • Operating the offset printing machine and also bookbinding

Works as a electronic lab guardian

2020 Feb to present

DreamSpace Academy

  • I had developed the electromechanical lab curriculum and run the workshops for DreamSPace Academy. 25 trainees have trained in that program.

Works as a mechanical lab guardian

2020 Sep to present

DreamSpace Academy

  • After completing that 6 months. DreamSpace Academy was given the promotion for electromechanical lab guardian. At that time I had developed the 3D designing and 3d printing curriculum and run the 3d drone designing online workshops for Dreamspacen Academy.

Worked as a construction supervisor

2019 - Jan to Oct

Shrimp Hatchery - Puthukudirippu - Batticaloa

  • Supervising workers, subcontractors, and work activities and also managing and assessing safety hazards, preparing and presenting site inductions, safety briefings, regular inspections, resolving problems and implementing improvements, completing reports for site reports, organizing and overseeing external inspections, and first aid trained.


Primary to Ordinary level completed

2004 to 2014

Advanced level completed

2015 to 2017

Construction supervisor course completed

2018 to 2019

Complet the robotics course


Professional woking Experience

CAD Designer

2021 Sep to present

Experion, Berlin, Germany

  • araCreat developing the science, engineering, sustainability, and arts, with the core expertise in research, development, and production of electro-mechanical embedded systems and digital products.

Head of Operations - Machine Building Space

2020 Dec to Present

Trash for Trade

  • Trash for Trade is a Plastic Upcycling Social Enterprise. It is a social innovation idea developed from an open-source community, ‘Precious Plastic’ with the support of DreamSpace Academy. We have taken upon this initiative using the upcycling machinery our team has built.

Works as a technical officer


  • OceanBiome is a community of talents with a focus on ocean research to map the path to engage in Ocean Protection to enable the next generation of leaders to engage in ocean literacy and stewardship to become ocean ambassadors in Sri Lanka.

Construction Technical officer

2021-07-01 started and completed 2021-12-15

DreamSpace Collective-Container-Based Electromechanical Lab

  • Collective the main purpose is to develop and be given electro-mechanical engineering services.
  • At that time we didn't have much space for mechanical workspace. also, we have to work on some community-based electromechanical development projects. so we did develop the container-based electromechanical space.


  • All


Electro-mechanics innovation requires a high level of precision. I am still navigating my way through this particular field and make your dream ideas made.

Mechanical Design


Electronics Design

Prototype, PCB


Electronics, Plastics, Metal, Wood

Embedded Systems

IoT, Firmware



7A, Saravana Road, Kallady Batticaloa, Sri Lanka



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